Thursday, March 26, 2020

Argama Hangar #5 Part I - What's on Deck?

Wow. Been awhile. Where to begin? Well, it's COVID-19 mania around these parts and me and the wife have been self isolated like responsible people and that leaves me with plenty of Gunpla and Vidja, that's for sure.

If I can put Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal ( I went hard on that meme) down for a bit. I have been chugging away at MG 1/100 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka which has been embarrassingly in progress for years now. I also am wrapping up the RG Full Unicorn Gundam which I love aside from those damned waist pieces. I'll have posts for those finished kits. There's been a quite a few finished kits since I took this long hiatus of blogging as well, i'll get those up. 

As far as WIP Posts, I have one lined up for the HG Zeta Gundam Revive and the RG Zeta Gundam to celebrate the relaunch of the blog. I have cool plans for the HG Zeta as it will probably be one of the first kits I test my new airbrush on that my wife got me for Christmas. The weather is turning warmer and hopefully soon this virus will fade away as well. Stay tuned for Part II as I try to organize my backlog and WIPs into one coherent post. Oh boy.

Later, Newtypes!

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