Friday, April 8, 2011

HGUC Gouf Custom 1/144 Straight Build - Grunt MS Build

Battling a cold after the trip in Pittsburgh, or the dreaded Con Plague as some of my friends call it, even so I managed to pump out this HG kit I got at the convention before I felt too terrible. This straight build was quick and easy and the end result came out looking great, my first HG kit was the GM Command and it left A LOT to be desired, this kit totally redeemed HG kits in my eyes and because of it you will be seeing a lot more HG kits here at Zeta Newtype Gunpla. As it stands there's nothing detailed here yet because I'm leaving it all open for painting later since the Grunt MS build is also about showing off unique looks of some Grunt MS. Some of you might remember the Chosen By VEDA article I did on Gaijin Gunpla's Gouf Ver. 2.0 kit, i'm inspired by that particular color scheme to apply to this Gouf Custom, think it would look interesting in Mica Blue. Stay tuned and keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

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