Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guncannon Restored! Completed Model Gallery

Finally, I finish a model....other than replace an LED light, you can call this baby DONE! I always consider my works WIPs even after builds because I always have that desire to go back after i've learned a few things and make it better, the Guncannon was no exception. The Guncannon was something I built and played with for a bit then set aside until other plans hit me, and they did. I put LED lights in this thing, I cleaned it up a bit though some nub marks made it through the painting process, doesn't bother me because this is my first fully painted and customized kit. The paints I applied were a mix of two brands, Testors and Tamiya. Tamiya is the favorable brand but Testors did not let me down. TS-45 Pearl White and TS-56 Brilliant Orange was used, along with Testors Revving Red and Blazing Black. Every part of this kit was painted in it's original color scheme, I liked it too much to change it! Ontop of all that was a nice shiny coat of Ultra Clear-coat, also Testors brand then I placed decals and panel lined, then added at least two more coats. The pictures below showcase all of the work I put into this (hopefully) and I know some of you will have issues with the wires from the LEDs in the photos but it really doesn't bother me that much, they can be concealed behind the Guncannon fairly well when posed at my desk here and that's all that really matters and I really didn't feel like feeding wires through the entire frame to help conceal them. Well enough with the chatter, onto the Gallery! C&Cs are welcome! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

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