Thursday, April 14, 2011

GAF: The Grunt MS Group Build MG Nemo WIP #3

Been awhile since I blog updated about the Grunt MS Build. It's been going fantastic, some have finished their builds, such as Shifty's excellent MG RB-79 Ver. Ka. and check out the WIP mods Hemish is going at on his GM Command, the dazzle work on Tristan's Gogg, and Zenma5ter's Shadow Zaku II Trio! Be sure to check the main page to follow the other works our excellent Gunplars are doing as well.

So what am I up to? Progress has been slow on my MG Nemo, some due to taking it easy to not screw anything up and others due to the bout of illness I just had, I did get some painting done today but I also ran out of some paints today. So far I'm going to need another can of Tamiya Mica Silver since I wasn't able to get all of the green armor pieces painted, I sure hope the Tamiya Deep Metallic Blue lasts for the navy parts. Below are some preview shots of the upper half, please note the red and yellow parts are not painted yet they were assembled for the preview shot only. These will later be painted gold and mica red. Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

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