Monday, April 18, 2011

The Argama Hangar #4 - April

Welcome to the Argama Hangar! Where I update what's on tap for Gunpla! The end of March and Mid April here saw some work, but a vacation and illness slow the works up just slightly. Got to show off some of these kits at this years Tekkoshocon IX where I successfully ran a panel about Gunpla!

Gunpla Backlog:
MG 1/100 MSN-06S Sinanju
MG 1/100 GN-X
MG 1/100 Hi-Zack
MG 1/100 Master Gundam
MG 1/100 Spiegel/Shadow Gundam
MG 1/100 MSN-04 Sazabi
MG 1/100 Hyaku-Shiki Ballute System
MG 1/100 ReZEL Commander Type
MG 1/100 ReZEL
MG 1/100 Gouf Ver. 2.0
MG 1/100 Infinite Justice

Gunpla WIPs
MG 1/100 Red Frame Kai - Chest and Head unit down, this kit looks amazing already. I love it and I will be painting the frame at very least!
RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam - My first RG! I've only assembled one legand the feet so far but I really love the engineering put into this new RG line. Can't wait for the RG Strike!
HG 1/144 Gouf Custom - My first newer HGUC kit, I love how far HG kits have come. Straight Build done, just deciding if I wanted to paint or just weathered it like 08th MS Team's version and matte coat it.
MG 1/100 MSA-003 Nemo - Part of the GAF Grunt MS Build. I've started the painting process with Tamiya Mica Silver, Deep Metallic Blue, and Light Gunmetal. What it needs next? A new can of Tamiya Mica Silver ( I ran out with a few parts to spare :/ ), Tamiya Gold, and Mica Red....this is getting crazy :D
MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 - Weathering 2.0 job in progress. Restore Project III launched!
MG 1/100 AMX-004 Qubeley - Arms done. Silver detailing. White parts painted with a Pearl White metallic finish.
MG Perfect Gundam - I don't like this kit as is...Originally I as going to give the parts to the Nemo, but I scrapped that idea in favor for another, I gotta figure out what to do what this otherwise boring kit.
MG 1/100 God Gundam -  Ver. Ka detailing done, LED system for Burning Finger in progress. 
MG 1/100 XXXG-01D Deathscythe EW -  Straight build complete, painting up next!
MG 1/100 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode -The Restoration Project is Ongoing. 80% done. Only decals and replacement parts left.
MG 1/100 RX-178 AEUG Gundam MK. II 2.0 HD version - Straight Build done, replacement parts in and this baby is ready for those HD silver waterslides!
MG 1/100 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn OVA Ver. - Straight build done, Panel Lined. Tamiya gunmetal added to weapons, Tamiya clear red added to clear pink parts of Destroy Mode. Decals to be done, and topcoat. Thinking about painting this in egg shell white to really match the OVA colors.
MG 1/100 XXXG-OIW Wing Gundam - Straight build done. Panel lined. Decals to be done. Face mask disappeared, had to order a new one and guess what? It came and I forgot to order the red chin part....due to the Earthquake/Tsunami the replacement part service has been suspended, but that's nothing to complain about. Godspeed Japan. After all of this is taken care of, I will be painting this kit. I love the gold looks i've been seeing.
MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam - Straight build done. Panel lined. Decals and weathering ongoing. Purchased a Scriber II, currently trying not to destroy this kit using it....bought some putty for that reason as well.
MG 1/100 MS-14S Char's Gegloog Ver. 2.0 - Straight build done, panel lined, decals 70% done, weathering 10%
MG 1/100 RX-78[G] Gundam - Straight build done. Panel lined. Weathering marker cancelled by provider. This will stand as is until I find some other way get that sand weathering finish. I have a Fine Modeller magazine that has a technique using pastels that I might put to use on this!
MG 1/100 MS-06R-2 Zaku II ver. 2.0 Johnny Ridden's Customize - Straight build done. Panel lined. Decals done, weathering in progress.
MG 1/100 GN-001 Exia Ignition Mode - Paint and Order Waterslide Decals some point in time, and with my new knowledge of fiber optics thanks to Ghost of Zeon, I think this kit might light up more in the future!

Completed Gunpla (NEW!):
MG 1/100 RX-77-2 Guncannon - The completion of Restore Project II, (Strike Freedom in progress, so I guess this is Restore Project I? I dunno! ). Fully painted, decaled and LED'd up! Click for the gallery. This guy stole the show at my Tekkoshocon IX panel!
MG 1/100 WD-M01 Turn A Gundam - This month saw the completion of this kit with a Weathering job and a flat matte coat, click for the gallery!

Gunpla Wishlist:
MG 1/100 The O - Zeta goodness <3. No changes here, but at 130USD?'s looking less likely at least for now. )
MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam OYW Ver. - I really like the style of this kit, and I have huge mod plans for it..just need to get it first!
HGUC 1/144 NZ-666 Kshatriya - Another UC kit I gotta have, plus it coincides with me wanting to break into more HG kits!
MG 1/100 DOM - Another zeon kit I wanna experience.
RG 1/144 Strike Gundam - Gundam Guy's WIPs are really making me want this kit... :D
A 1/60 PG! - I don't know which one I want yet, but damnit I sure want one!
MG 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom - I want this kit, because it's awesome and ....I already built the Deathscythe EW kit already and I really wanna pose Deathscythe Hell with TWO beam scythes!

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