Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tekkoshocon IX - Zeta Newtype Gunpla 101 Panel

Hey folks, just got the confirmation that I will be running a panel at Tekkosocon IX in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during  March 31 - April 3 2011 so if you will be attending, come say hello and let's learn something together shall we? I plan on running a Gunpla Basics 101 class so to say, I will be running through getting rid of nubs marks, detailing, decals, and the whole nine yards to bring the best out of your OOB kits, I will not touch very much on painting techniques since i'm still learning that myself, but I will make mention of it and hopefully one of you has had that experience to share with the group. So if you're heading to Pitt for Tekkoshocon IX, come see what Gunpla is all about with me!

The panel will be entitled "Zeta Newtype's Gunpla 101" and a final time has not been set and will not be set until the schedule has been finalized, I will update later when I get the time and panel room number.

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