Thursday, March 10, 2011

GAF: The Grunt MS Group Build MG Nemo WIP #1

So I finally got some solid ideas for my MG Nemo, which will be done in White Dingo Team colors, this build assumes a member of the White Dingo Team went onto join the AEUG and this Nemo will be designed as if it took after the style of the White Dingo Team, specifically the Sniper/Long Range role. For more information on the White Dingoes and the Nemo, click here.

For this build I'm taking parts from previous builds that didn't necessarily go the way I wanted them to, one being the MG Super Gundam which I painted with regular hobby paints and it just looks awful, however the G-Defensor and it's long rifle survived this process, said rifle will be this build's main weapon. The other disappointing build was the Perfect Gundam, I just did not like the way this kit came out in the end so I'm looking at parts from it to incorporate into this build, specifically to act as a power source for the extra power the hyper rifle would need. The MG straight build is coming together smoothly, sanding off those nubmarks is a strong focus here because of the paint job that is going to follow the build, also I got some idea of the LED setup while building the head unit, it will be similiar to the previous Guncannon light show before it. Head and torso all set, now to build the rest of it! Below are pics from this WIP, more to come! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

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