Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tekkoshocon IX's ZETA NEWTYPE Gunpla 101 Panel, Ready to Launch! Saturday April 2nd 2-3pm!

Tekkoshocon starts this upcoming Thursday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while I don't know the time frame of my panel yet or what day it falls on as the schedule has not been released but I shall keep you updated! What are we looking at for Zeta Newtype's Gunpla 101 panel? Here's a little preview! The panel will start with a small introduction of gunpla and will go into the background of gundam as well, all model grades will be covered! From there we will be going into build techniques and what you can do to have an easier experience building your models and that will lead into detailing those OOB (out of box) kits in various methods and we will end with a group discussion about favorite models and YOUR own experiences with Gunpla. Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

UPDATE: This panel takes place on Saturday April 2nd between 2:00pm and 3:00pm, See you there newtypes!

Monday, March 28, 2011

GAF: The Grunt MS Group Build MG Nemo WIP #2

Got some progress to show on the Nemo build! It's not too terribly much but it's progress. I managed to get half the straight build done and did some mods to the arm for the Long Rifle from the MG Super Gundam Mk. II, it worked extremely well, aside from the fact I did to mod a part onto it so it looks like the fist of the Nemo has something to hold onto. I painted a bit on the thrusters in gold, just for fun. The plan is to replace these later with G-Thruster metal parts. I need to atleast get this straight build done before I go crazy with other details. More to come later! Be sure to follow the other amazing progresses of my fellow GBers at the Gundam Australia Forums' Grunt MS Group Build! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MSA-003V Nemo Atmospheric Assault - Putting story into the Grunt MS Group Build

So I'm a dork, let's get that over with right away, I want a little back story to my custom build since it is technically my first so I've hashed out some simple details and a 'card' of sorts to give you some info about my custom MSV Nemo I am building, aptly called the Nemo Atmospheric Assault. Now to the nitty gritty, all the following work is pure fiction, it may conflict with Gundam canon, but it obviously is not. It's all in good fun, people. :D

The MSA-003V Nemo Atmospheric Assault customization loadout was rumored to be developed by the chief engineer on the Argama, Astonage Medoz, to assist the Argama in atmospheric combat when descending to Earth. This loadout included many features that increased the long range effectiveness of the stock Nemo mobile suit, including the prototype long beam rifle which was later used in the G-Defensor and ultimately the RX-178+FXA-05D Super Gundam. The Nemo Atmospheric Assault did not see much combat as it was developed later during the Gryp's Conflict against the Titans of the Earth Federation. Rumor has it a group of these Mobile Suits were used by surviving members of the White Dingo Team from Australia, famous for their victory in Australia. The only confirmed fact was the young ensign on board the Radish named Derek Wright who piloted one of this machine with the White Dingo Logo emblem upon it. It is not known what became of these machines or the White Dingo after the Gryp's Conflict. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Argama Hangar #3 - March

Welcome to the Argama Hangar! Where I update what's on tap for Gunpla! February and the first part of March saw some major progress and a few new additions and the start of the Gundam Australia Forum's Grunt MS Build by yours truly.

Gunpla Backlog:
MG 1/100 MSN-06S Sinanju
MG 1/100 GN-X
MG 1/100 Hi-Zack
MG 1/100 Master Gundam
MG 1/100 Spiegel/Shadow Gundam
MG 1/100 MSN-04 Sazabi
MG 1/100 Hyaku-Shiki Ballute System
MG 1/100 Red Frame Kai
MG 1/100 ReZEL Commander Type
MG 1/100 ReZEL
MG 1/100 Gouf Ver. 2.0

Gunpla WIPs:
MG 1/100 MSA-003 Nemo - Part of the GAF Grunt MS Build. 15% done maybe? I dunno this project is huge and will be ongoing for a long while methinks!
MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 - Weathering 2.0 job in progress. Removing weathering details that appeared too mirrored and adding different effects than previous weathering job.
MG 1/100 AMX-004 Qubeley - Arms done. Silver detailing. White parts painted with a Pearl White metallic finish.
MG Perfect Gundam - This kit is being sacraficed for the Grunt MS build and adding extras to the Nemo, so I will be taking the RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka left over from this kit and doing something with it. 
MG 1/100 God Gundam -  Ver. Ka detailing done, LED system for Burning Finger in progress. 
MG 1/100 WD-M01 Turn A Gundam - Straight build complete, weathering in progress
MG 1/100 XXXG-01D Deathscythe EW -  Straight build complete, painting up next!
MG 1/100 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode -The Restoration Project is Ongoing. 80% done. Only decals and replacement parts left.
MG 1/100 RX-178 AEUG Gundam MK. II 2.0 HD version - Straight build done then damaged, on hold replacement parts. Will leave HD special edition as is, will order a new MK. II for custom paint job
MG 1/100 RX-0 Gundam Unicorn - Straight build done, Panel Lined. Tamiya gunmetal added to weapons, Tamiya clear red added to clear pink parts of Destroy Mode.Decals to be done, and topcoat.
MG 1/100 XXXG-OIW Wing Gundam - Straight build done. Panel lined. Decals to be done. Face mask disappeared, had to order a new one :(
MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam - Straight build done. Panel lined. Decals and weathering ongoing.
MG 1/100 MS-14S Char's Gegloog Ver. 2.0 - Straight build done, panel lined, decals 70% done, weathering 10%
MG 1/100 RX-77-2 Guncannon - Guncannon Restore Project launched, straight build and LEDs done, decals to be removed for Paint Job and readded with a recent order of Guncannon waterslides.
MG 1/100 RX-78[G] Gundam - Straight build done. Panel lined. Weathering marker cancelled. This will stand as is until I find some other way get that sand weathering finish.
MG 1/100 MS-06R-2 Zaku II ver. 2.0 Johnny Ridden's Customize - Straight build done. Panel lined. Decals done, weathering in progress.
MG 1/100 GN-001 Exia Ignition Mode - Paint and Order Waterslide Decals some point in time!

Gunpla Wishlist:
MG 1/100 The O - Zeta goodness <3. No changes here, but at 130USD? Ehhh...it's looking less likely at least for now. )
MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam OYW Ver. - I really like the style of this kit, and I have huge mod plans for it..just need to get it first!
HGUC 1/144 NZ-666 Kshatriya - Another UC kit I gotta have, plus it coincides with me wanting to break into more HG kits!
MG 1/100 Gouf Ver. 2.0 - The Chosen by VEDA piece I did on Gaijin Gunpla made me want this kit, despite my beef before on it :P
MG 1/100 DOM - Another zeon kit I wanna experience.

Chosen by VEDA #2: Great Gunplars - DC23

This is a no brainer, it seems every kit DC23 does pops with such much detail, my brain can't even comprehend the amount of work it took to achieve such a look.  For this Chosen by VEDA I have picked one of my personal favorites from DC23 and that's his Infinite Justice. You can see all the pla-plating, which is when strips of plastic are applied to a model to enhance the overall look, the metal aftermarket parts, his usual BFG (don't ask :P), etc. Despite all his detailing and what not being great, I really love the color scheme he chose, it's faithful to the Justice but at the same time brings something completely new to it, but alas to the pics! Keep up the Great Gunpla, DC23!

Hit the full gallery here and the Diorama gallery here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Major 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by this disaster, especially my fellow gunplars. I hope you are all safe and well during this time of crisis. I keep following the new stories here in the states and it just gets getting more crazy to watch the footage of these things taking entire towns. Again, I really hope our community is safe and sound, gunpla is secondary to the human lives we must protect....that being said, it is still sad to see the following:

UPDATE #2: Yeah, the 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Statue at Shizouka has become a victim in this. I hope you get repaired and look good as new soon buddy! THIS WAS A FRAUD. 1/1 Gundam at Shizouka still standing.

UPDATE #1: There seems to be some speculation now amongst the community that this has been photo-shopped, I examined the picture closer and there are key items here that may make that true, this has not been confirmed yet and I will keep on top of this story the best I can, if this was a joke by some cruel person, you should be ashamed of yourself for making light of a terrible tragedy and I don't mean the Gundam statue.

Just to give you some idea what happened here, I found a photo on MSNBC.com that really takes you back and realize how terrible this tsunami was:

Again, my thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected by this tragedy, Keep your Chins up, Newtypes.

New Image from Twipic by hideusj, provided by Styx, Tsunami photo courtesy of MSNBC

Thursday, March 10, 2011

GAF: The Grunt MS Group Build MG Nemo WIP #1

So I finally got some solid ideas for my MG Nemo, which will be done in White Dingo Team colors, this build assumes a member of the White Dingo Team went onto join the AEUG and this Nemo will be designed as if it took after the style of the White Dingo Team, specifically the Sniper/Long Range role. For more information on the White Dingoes and the Nemo, click here.

For this build I'm taking parts from previous builds that didn't necessarily go the way I wanted them to, one being the MG Super Gundam which I painted with regular hobby paints and it just looks awful, however the G-Defensor and it's long rifle survived this process, said rifle will be this build's main weapon. The other disappointing build was the Perfect Gundam, I just did not like the way this kit came out in the end so I'm looking at parts from it to incorporate into this build, specifically to act as a power source for the extra power the hyper rifle would need. The MG straight build is coming together smoothly, sanding off those nubmarks is a strong focus here because of the paint job that is going to follow the build, also I got some idea of the LED setup while building the head unit, it will be similiar to the previous Guncannon light show before it. Head and torso all set, now to build the rest of it! Below are pics from this WIP, more to come! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tekkoshocon IX - Zeta Newtype Gunpla 101 Panel

Hey folks, just got the confirmation that I will be running a panel at Tekkosocon IX in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during  March 31 - April 3 2011 so if you will be attending, come say hello and let's learn something together shall we? I plan on running a Gunpla Basics 101 class so to say, I will be running through getting rid of nubs marks, detailing, decals, and the whole nine yards to bring the best out of your OOB kits, I will not touch very much on painting techniques since i'm still learning that myself, but I will make mention of it and hopefully one of you has had that experience to share with the group. So if you're heading to Pitt for Tekkoshocon IX, come see what Gunpla is all about with me!

The panel will be entitled "Zeta Newtype's Gunpla 101" and a final time has not been set and will not be set until the schedule has been finalized, I will update later when I get the time and panel room number.

The Grunt MS Group Build

Ode to Cannon Fodder
So my next build is a part of the Grunt MS Group Build I started over at the Gundam Australia Forums. I will build the MG Nemo in White Dingo Team colors. I have not decided whether or not this will be a gloss or matte finish, but i'm leaning towards gloss. It's a priviledge to have started this group build and to have so many great gunplars taking interest, I am very excited to see what everyone comes up with.Will have a WIP #1 up soon! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

MSA-003 Nemo Info:
"Although the Anti-Earth Union Group had, through one means or another, acquired many RMS-179/RGM-79R GM IIs to fill its frontline ranks, its leaders wanted a mass production unit of their own that could beat the Titans' and Earth Federation's GM IIs. Anaheim Electronics delivered on the concept, producing the MSA-003 Nemo which, although closely based on the GM II, was far better in performance in terms of generator power, thruster acceleration and maneuverability. To help keep its cost down, the Nemo used many weapons already employed by other existing mobile suits, such as the RMS-099 Rick Dias' beam saber and the GM II's beam rifle. With its first deployment, the Nemo easily supplemented the GM II as the mainstay of its mobile suit forces." - MAHQ.net

White Dingo Team Info:
"The members of the White Dingo Team are the protagonists of the Sega Dreamcast video game Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes, although you can spot the occasional Dingo cameo, such as the one in Journey to Jaburo. (Most people just call their game Rise from the Ashes)

The Dingoes are one of the Federation MS teams fighting to take back Australia late in the One Year War. Master P. Rayer is the team leader and player character. The other two members are Leung Fee-Fai and Maximilian Berger. The Federation is riding the momentum from its victory at Odessa and aims to clinch victory on the Earth front. However, the Aussie-based Zeons refuse to back down, as embodied by Zeon ace pilot Visch Donahue.

The Dingoes have a cult following in the fandom for how awesome their game and their suits are. Rise from the Ashes is unique in that it gives the player a "from the cockpit" perspective, instead of the third-person POV common in Gundam games. It's a bit hard to get used to at first, but I think it makes for one of the most memorable Gundam game experiences. The Dingoes are awesome enough in-universe to earn their own line of customized mobile suits, decked out in shades of white/gray and navy blue. Dingo suits also get a swanky grinning wolf emblem on their left shoulder. Most of their suits are just recolored versions of the stock models, but their ultimate upgrades, the GM Sniper IIs, are high-performance models hand-tuned to their specifications. " - Mark's Timeline

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guncannon Restore WIP #3

Well my order of fiber optics came in today and I went straight back to work on this baby, and surprisingly it did not take me long to feed the fiber optics through the vulcans on the helmet and set them in place to a LED light source I set into the backpack. Thank you very much, Ghost of Zeon, you are the man! I also fed a LED into the rifle itself from a laser 'appearance' as Infinity had suggested previously. The rifle I plan to work on more and rig up something to put a fiber optic into the clear piece of the rifle as well, but that's later! I would like to take a small moment to thank those of you in the community, especially the Gundam Australia Forums, you all have provided me with wonderful ideas and have helped me succeed in this project, and i'm incredibly grateful as a budding Gunplar. I also wanna thank Evan Designs and the Fiber Optic Store for the lighting sources!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guncannon Restore WIP #2

Well my order of red 3mm red LED lights came in and I got right to work on doing a fit for the cannons on the Guncannon, I carved out the insides of the cannons so the light could come through and shine brightly, the idea was to give the cannons a "about to fire" kind of feel and let's just say it looks so good I now dread stripping all the decals and whatnot to paint it to make the model look as good as the LEDs do! Pics below. Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!