Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chosen by VEDA #1: Great Gunplars - Gaijin Gunpla

Welcome to a new article! Chosen by VEDA is a series of highlights where I pick out a particular model that a fellow, WAY better than me, Gunplar has done and highlight it! It's fitting that I highlight one of the models from Gaijin Gunpla that inspired me to buy more Zeon kits, and boy did I ever. GaiGun's take on the MG Gouf ver. 2.0 was something that made me think twice about a model kit I wasn't really interested in due to it's cartoony blue and it's longer than usual nose, it looked like an anteater, but I quickly forgot about it here when you see that Tamiya's mica blue pop! Zeon kits just look so good in metallic finishes, and I cannot wait to produce something remotely as awesome as this finish! Below are a few images from the full gallery seen here.

Keep up the good work, GaiGun! 

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