Monday, February 28, 2011

MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 HD Gallery

MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 HD 1/100

I call myself in the Gunpla world Zeta Newtype, so obviously that means there's a special place in my heart for the Zeta Gundam and I end today's updates with probably my favorite model so far. The Zeta Gundam HD kit came with HD glossy colors and silver waterslide decals that look absolutely amazing, it was released to celebrate the blu-ray release of the Zeta Gundam movies, hence HD.

While I was taking the pictures below I thought it could use something else so I added slight weathering to the model, as you can see since a few of the pictures are 'fresh' and the rest are weathered. This was my fourth Ver. 2.0 kits and all I have to say is Bandai...keep these kits coming. The transforming process is a mess but it's doable, but it doesn't bother me that much, just becareful! I have broken minor parts during the transformation process so of which is shown in the photos, but nothing I care too much about. Overall, this is a kit I might buy another one of to paint but I won't be painting this kit because of the already gloss look to it.

MG Nu Gundam Gallery

MG Nu Gundam 1/100

I built this over the holidays at the girlfriend family's house in North Carolina and it was fun to construct a model in such a creative atmosphere. This model was a simple build, but the Fin Funnels gave me some issues, I did not like how they are so filmsy so I took some sticky tac and fixed that problem somewhat. There are other issues I have with this kit, like how it appears to be clunky and the portions seem off, but I still like the way it looks regardless though this thing is in desperate need of a Ver. 2.0! Future plans for this model include trying my hand at panel line scribing and a simple weathering job. There are already some small details, like the panel lining on the dark parts with Silver and used waterslide decals.

MG Exia Ignition Mode Gallery

MG Exia Ignition Mode 1/100

This kit I purchased at a local store believe it or not, Hobbytown USA, and wooo were local prices a bit expensive. I made the best of it, I quickly put this baby together and it came out smaller than I expected it to be but still cool. The weapons and shields like to come off alot though, so that's a drawback. This kit came with two LED units for the GN drive and I like the effect even if the LED light is too bright to properly illuminate the words on the Exia's chest orb. I just purchased fiber optics after learning about it from Fiber Optic Sensei, Ghost of Zeon on the Gundam Australia Forums! So I have big plans for lighting the rest of the orbs all over Exia.

MG Burning/God Gundam Gallery

 MG God Gundam 1/100

This hand of mine burn with an awesome power, it's loud roar tells me to defeat you! Here I go, Burning Errupting....Gallery! This build was fun! Sturdy frame to support all those crazy G Gundam poses and what not. I really wanted to build this kit being a big fan of G Gundam, I bought it along with the Spiegel and Master Gundams currently in the backlog. I really took inspiration from Gaijin Gunpla and placed Ver. Ka. decals on it and I really like the way it turned out. The LED work on this guessed it...The burning finger, i've shown previews of what it'll look like already in this blog, but it's still a WIP!

MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0 Gallery

Char Customize Gelgoog Ver. 2.0

I only have good things to say about this kit, first of all, the Gelgoog has to be my favorite zeon suit! My second dive into the Ver. 2.0 world, this kit was fairly easy to put together and I didn't really have any issues with it. I love the weapons and shield with this kit. I applied custom decals, and there was an LED mono-eye in this but it was removed in put in the Johnny Zaku II, though it was the mods leftover to easily put a new red LED unit it. Few images here, not sure if it can be called a gallery :P

MG Johnny Ridden's Zaku II ver. 2.0 Gallery

MG Johnny Ridden Customize Ver. 2.0 1/100

This was my first Zaku and my third "2.0" series build, and it was somewhat frustrating at times but it came together and looked great. After the straight build, I installed, surprise, an LED for the mono-eye and I did a custom decal job and they threw space weathering on it, i'm still not done with the weathering process so this could be a WIP gallery I guess!

MG [G] Gundam 1/100 Gallery

I realized that this blog doesn't have a definitive look at all my models or the works in progresses I have going on after checking out Infinity's new blog and all his awesome models on display, so I just went on a picture taking craze to give you all a look at some of the stuff I talk about and don't show, along with past completed models that are standing and not getting time in the spotlight! So here's first model!

MG [G] Gundam 1/100 
The original great from 08th MS Team, this kit was a pretty simple put together. I installed LEDs and applied basic decals here, I have plans to do a sand weathering job on this kit soon as I get viable method of doing so.

MG 00 Raiser Information

I never thought i'd be excited about a 00 Raiser release given I never really liked it when I first started watching the second season of Gundam 00 but by the time I finished it all, including Awakening of the Trailblazer, I became a fan and i'm eagerly awaiting the release of MG 00 since I have no interest in the brutally expensive PG. Here's some images and information!

- 00 has five locations for LED units
- 00 comes with a single LED unit. That's alot of extra LED units with have to purchase, so i'm   probably going to do my own thing, 00 really should come with TWO for the TWIN drives.
- 00 Gundam can be configured into either 00 Raiser or the Condenser type.
- Weapons seem to include the GN Sword II x 2, a GN shield, GN Sword III, GN Beam saber.

For more images, head over Gundam Guy's Blog.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guncannon Restore WIP #1

Okay, i've officially hit that stage where I go back and look at the models I made as a novice and go "Noooo, you must be better!". The Strike Freedom was the first victim of this, and now the Guncannon is getting the same treatment, I seem to be all over the place with my projects but that's okay, keeps me busy and I always have something to do, even if I cannot decide what that something is half the time!

Here we have the first step, which I have chosen because its the most fun, clearly I need to be repairing nub marks, removing stickers, and removing sticky goo left behind...but no...I skipped to the LED portion of the project just because I could! Yep! The test fit went well I drilled tri-holes in behind Guncannon's visor giving it almost a zaku feel with a few differences, I will probably go more into detail with this in the final version which will included the hidden wires and whatnot. You'll notice that the trademark cannons are actually missing for two reasons, one I was doing mods to them and two you get better head unit shots with them off.  Pics below! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chosen by VEDA #1: Great Gunplars - Gaijin Gunpla

Welcome to a new article! Chosen by VEDA is a series of highlights where I pick out a particular model that a fellow, WAY better than me, Gunplar has done and highlight it! It's fitting that I highlight one of the models from Gaijin Gunpla that inspired me to buy more Zeon kits, and boy did I ever. GaiGun's take on the MG Gouf ver. 2.0 was something that made me think twice about a model kit I wasn't really interested in due to it's cartoony blue and it's longer than usual nose, it looked like an anteater, but I quickly forgot about it here when you see that Tamiya's mica blue pop! Zeon kits just look so good in metallic finishes, and I cannot wait to produce something remotely as awesome as this finish! Below are a few images from the full gallery seen here.

Keep up the good work, GaiGun! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turn A Gundam WIP #1

Small work done on the MG Turn A Gundam tonight, while chatting with the GAF boys on Skype! Managed to get the right arm done and the pair of feet for the Turn A Gundam all set, and before even completing the model I used my Faber-Castell artist pen and created quite the weathering technique for this Gundam, it looks really decent in my opinion. I'm having a blast chatting up some of this community on Skype, all the rest of you slacking, get your mic on and join us! Pics below! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The God of Death has Returned!

Well, I just had a gunpla power night. Gundam Deathscythe EW straight build was completed night in the span of a few hours! Was a rather enjoyable build and it was the first build was rather strict about my numb marks, though it appears some made it through but rest not numb marks, the god of death will come for you!

The next build is the MG Qubeley which I painted the white parts today in a pearl metallic, but I haven't got the right paints for the rest of the parts, i'll have to go look at some Tamiya paints at the local Hobbytown USA and make up my mind from there. Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!