Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Strike Freedom Restoration Project or...TSFRP!

Well I thought I would add a small update today, and show some of the work I've done on the Strike Freedom Restore Project, from this photo alone you can see all the extra gold I have added to the model to really bring out the rest that came with it, also the muddy gold parts Bandai didn't plate I went ahead and plated. When I saw the PG Strike Freedom, it gave me the idea for the DRAGOON's vents to be painted in gold but I gave it a bit of a wear effect since weathering will be added to this model soon. Now some of you experienced modelers will notice one of the most irking of mistakes...some of the parts are missing here. The red triangle for the V-fins is missing, the red parts of the rifles are had to be the red parts, stuff the eye always notices! I suppose I better order parts for it and fix that issue. :P The next step is to apply the waterslide decals that just came in the mail, the next update should cover that until then keep on Gunpla-ing, newtypes!

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