Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post Ohayocon Gunpla Report

Hello Gunpla-ers! Ohayocon was fantastic and there's some new builds on the list now for the post-con gunpla building. I finally picked up a Sinanju, and it's great since i'm still on the high off finishing the straight build of the Unicorn seems like a perfect transition. I actually panel lined the entire kit on the runners in the hotel room out of Columbus, OH, if that doesn't make me a gunpla nerd I don't know what does. I also got some more Gundam 00 love and picked up the MG GN-X kit, I got plans to really make the false GN-drive shine bright red and do a good silver and gunmetal paint scheme on it.  I did not leave Ohayocon without picking up something from my favorite Gundam series, Zeta Gundam, I managed to pick up the MG Hi-Zack 1/100. I got to take a look at this kit awhile back when I experienced a GSAM shipping mishap and I actually like the way it looked so I went ahead and bought one myself. It's really one of those kits that appealed to me because I like the Hi-Zack for being a GM/Zaku hybrid.
And some shots of the straight build of the Unicorn, this build was alot of fun but there was some issues..first off, when transforming the skirt part from unicorn to destroy....the skirt broke, I superglued it permanently to destroy mode and planned on replacing the parts later. Well, thanks to Gundam Guy those parts are on order! Problem solved there. I took the hot pink transparent parts of the destroy mode and painted the with Tamiya Clear Red, which looks good until I got to the shield parts, which aren't shown below because i'm repairing the mess that is nothing but brush strokes :/

Despite the issues, this build really came together and looked pretty damn good when it was all said and done, especially after spraying the V-fin with Tamiya Brilliant Orange.  I am toying with the idea of ordering those after market gatling guns and some waterslides for the Ver. Ka decals, so this project isn't done yet, besides....It's got something to do with the secret project of 2011! Keep up the Gunpla, Newtypes!

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