Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome to the Blog!

Hey, Zeta here, well it's slow transformation into a heavy gunpla-er! I am 24 year old college student and avid Gundam fan. This blog is just part of the growth I see in the Gunpla community so I created one to track my own progress and to grow and share with the community as a whole. I intend to learn all I can to become a great gunpla artist as most of the folks I already follow, such as Gajin Gunpla, Gundam Guy, Tember Gundam, Z, Plamo Addiction, and the rest of this great community.

So what's on tap? Well I just completed MG Exia Ignition Mode, but I have a backlog of models I will photo and review first probably starting off with some of the models I built first so I can see how terribly they look compared to more of my recent stuff. So a showcase of the first MG I ever built will be shown first, this being the Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode. I am in the process of doing small cleanup jobs on the model because I had no idea what I was doing or I would become so interested in this hobby.

I did not take Strike Freedom as seriously as I should have, which is unfortunate since it was a pricey buy. My real interest in Gunpla came from a birthday present from a friend, Nick, who purchased a Char's Customize MG RX-78-2 for me at Baltimore's Otakon. He created a monster and I thank him for it! I look forward to updating this blog and sharing with the community, also be prepared for me to start invading other blogs! I'm actively pursuing this new hobby and I want to get to know a lot of the community.

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