Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get REAL, Would ya!? Part I - A ZNG look at Real Grade series!

I may be a little late to on the boat but I wanna comment about the recently launched Real Grade (RG) series now that i've gotten my hands on one and another one is on the way. So far i've built about maybe half of the RG RX-78-2 Gundam and let me tell's something different, it feels like a MG in 1/144 size! The frame is pre-assembled and that scared me a bit, a bit due to others impressions and just looking at them! Do be CAUTIOUS as you can break the things without working them out a bit first. What I mean by working it out is taking the frames out of the gates and bend them at the joints SLOWLY before building, loosen it up then build upon it, you will find posing much more easier afterwards.

Do NOT let this happen to you. :D Image from Thanks for the tip!

RG introduces something that needs to come to MG and that is the multi-color armor pieces that give a radical degree of detail over just the same flat color over the entire armor. This is difficult to explain so take the following pic from into consideration.

 Notice the white and duller white colors? Interesting huh? Image from

Another staple of the RG series is the decals.....which is tricky, see, the decals they provide are all stickers....which are supposed to be the mortal enemy right? I've seen builds that make stickers look good with RG kits, but Bandai does offer the waterslide decals separately, which I'm opting for to decal my builds because I'm going to paint both of my RX-78-2 and Char's Zaku II.

Stickers will always be stickers! Go Waterslides, will ya!? Image from

That wraps it up for Part 1 of looking at the RG series! Stay tuned for Part II with my own builds showcasing these two and perhaps a special appearance by the RG Strike Gundam! Special thanks to for images and all the hard work on reviewing everything Gunpla! Keep up the Gunpla, Dalong!

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