Monday, February 28, 2011

MG Nu Gundam Gallery

MG Nu Gundam 1/100

I built this over the holidays at the girlfriend family's house in North Carolina and it was fun to construct a model in such a creative atmosphere. This model was a simple build, but the Fin Funnels gave me some issues, I did not like how they are so filmsy so I took some sticky tac and fixed that problem somewhat. There are other issues I have with this kit, like how it appears to be clunky and the portions seem off, but I still like the way it looks regardless though this thing is in desperate need of a Ver. 2.0! Future plans for this model include trying my hand at panel line scribing and a simple weathering job. There are already some small details, like the panel lining on the dark parts with Silver and used waterslide decals.

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