Monday, February 28, 2011

MG Exia Ignition Mode Gallery

MG Exia Ignition Mode 1/100

This kit I purchased at a local store believe it or not, Hobbytown USA, and wooo were local prices a bit expensive. I made the best of it, I quickly put this baby together and it came out smaller than I expected it to be but still cool. The weapons and shields like to come off alot though, so that's a drawback. This kit came with two LED units for the GN drive and I like the effect even if the LED light is too bright to properly illuminate the words on the Exia's chest orb. I just purchased fiber optics after learning about it from Fiber Optic Sensei, Ghost of Zeon on the Gundam Australia Forums! So I have big plans for lighting the rest of the orbs all over Exia.


  1. Oh, you buy from HobbyTown USA? Their prices are a little expensive because a lot of the online japanese stores are having permanent discounts on their stocks.

  2. Yeah, Hobbytown USA is a desperate situation buy really, I really don't like to pay those prices lol